Eligibility & Course Details




  1. Should be at least 18 years of age (Preferably 21 years & above).

  2. Should be able to afford a FEE OF ₹10,00,000( Ten Lakh Rupees).

  3. Should be able to understand & communicate in ENGLISH, as most of our trainers & technicians are from Outside India so ENGLISH is the main medium of teaching.

  4. The training & film production happens in Bangalore. So if the students are based in any other place in India then should be willing to relocate to Bangalore(On their own expenses) for 18 to 24 months.

  5. Should be compatible with working & learning as a member of a team. As the whole training & production happens by assigning people to different teams in different roles.

  6. Should be flexible with changes & challenges, of the dynamic filmmaking processes as this is one of the most unconventional filmmaking courses ever designed.


Universal Film School Presents, Probably the world's first filmmaking course where students learn filmmaking by being a part of the FEATURE FILM working in different departments. Also students LEARN from Hollywood Technicians from USA and Europe.



  • Hands on filmmaking course for 9 to 12 months from Hollywood Graduates & Hollywood Technicians. In this stage the students are thought Filmmaking Hands On from Scripting, Pre- Production, Production, Photography, Cinematography, Drone Cinematography, Advance film Direction, Acting, Post Production, Editing, Color Correction Etc .

  • Also students make 8 short films of their own stage by stage. They will also participate & be a part of 24-32 short films of other students in their respective groups. (The complete Course CONTENT & STRUCTURE will be discussed ONLY during Interview after the application process is completed).

  • The total worth of this STAGE1 Course itself exceeds Rs, 40 Lakhs in Value,(Students can check other International Hollywood filmmaking course fees) Only for the first batch they will receive the course at a Nominal Fee of Rs, 10 Lakhs and on top of that STAGE 2 learning access as well.

STAGE 2: FEATURE FILM PARTICIPATION (duration 9 to 12 months).

  • In this stage every student who has learnt complete filmmaking process in Stage1, will start learning how to make feature films by being a part of an actual FEATURE FILM from Pre- Production to FULL COMPLETED, RELEASE READY FEATURE FILM. Students participate in every department & learn each craft in the ACTUAL REAL WORLD FEATURE FILM MAKING SCENARIO. Students will also be given credits (Most Important) in the completed feature film for their participation.

  • This is the MOST UNIQUE aspect of our FEATURE FILMMAKING COURSE, Probably* this is the ONLY COURSE IN THE WORLD WHERE YOU WILL LEARN BEING AN ACTUAL PART of a MOVIE with a decent budget. (* As per our research there is no other film course at this point, which gives you this opportunity).

  • Though the monetary value of this course combined from STAGE 1 & STAGE 2 can easily be over a Rs, 80 Lakhs. However the students of the FIRST BATCH ONLY get it for just Rs, 10 Lakhs totally on a first come first registration basis after the selection is done.

  • ** This is the maximum FREE information(mentioned in this page) which can be given at this point. For further information on CONTENT, SCHEDULE & METHOD of DELIVERY, please APPLY NOW ( Limited Application Only) by paying APPLICATION FEE.

Application Process ,Terms & Conditions


  1. APPLY NOW by paying the Application FEE.

  2. Select the Interview Date Slot (Subject to availability).

  3. You will receive an EMAIL from INSTAMOJO with Universal Film School Invoice.

  4. Within 24 hours(Working Days), our marketing team member will Contact you through WhatsApp, confirming your Payment.

  5. Within 48 hours(Working Days), our marketing team member will Call You & Schedule an Interview.

  6. INTERVIEW will be HELD at the Scheduled TIME & DATE by our OUR CORE TEAM after discussing with you. INTERVIEW will happen ONLINE (Due to Covid19).

  7. SHORTLISTED candidates will be announced & contacted as soon as applications are closed & interviews are finished.

  8. You will receive an INVITATION to OUR OFFICE in BENGALURU, (In Lavelle Road) & you will physically come & enroll with us for the course.

  9. Enrollments will finish on a FIRST COME FIRST BASIS.


  1. READ EVERYTHING on this page & then APPLY.

  2. APPLICATION FEE is not refundable.

  3. Application Deadline is October 15th, 2020. for batch1(Limited applications on first cum first basis).

  4. Do not call us ONLY send us an WhatsApp MESSAGE after you have APPLIED, by paying the Application Fee.

  5. After you have finished the APPLICATION PROCESS, kindly send us a SCREENSHOT to our WhatsApp Number (every applicant receives a payment confirmation from INSTAMOJO which is one of the safest way to pay).

  6. NO FREE ENQUIRIES allowed, your number will be blocked if you try to contact before applying . This is because we will not be able to HANDLE thousands of FREE ENQUIRIES from all over India. We ONLY entertain LIMITED PAID APPLICATIONS .

  7. The first batch starts on January 2021 & the next batch starts from 2024(Course fee will be much higher in 2024) so HURRY if you want to be in the first batch at relatively less price. then APPLY.

  8. UNIVERSAL FILM SCHOOL reserves the right to select & admit students without giving any reasons, also to change the offers and other details without prior notice.

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